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Team Members.

JINR SANC group.

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) group include scientists from Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problem (DLNP) and Bogolubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (BLTP), PhD students from University Science Center (UNC) and student from Moscow State University (MSU), working on degree research in DLNP JINR group.

World SANC group.

World Community of SANC developers, working on scientific and computing parts of the project.


Group of consultants and project testers.

Team details.

Additional information about team members.

Bardin Dmitry.

Kalinovskaya Lidiya.

Christova Pena.

Arbuzov Andrey.

Biography and links.

Bondarenko Sergey.

Kolesnikov Vladimir.

Biography and links.

Rumyantsev Leonid.

Biography and links.

Sadykov Renat.

Biography and links.

Uglov Evgeny.

Biography and links.

Karamyshev Oleg.

Biography and links.

Andonov Anton.

Nanava Gizo.

Passarino Giampier.

Biography and links.

von Schlippe Vladimir.

Biography and links.